I’ve moved… to a new website!

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I recently graduated from nutrition school, and celebrated with a new website. And a new Facebook page. 

You’ll now find me at www.monicametz.com. From now on, I’ll be posting new recipes and healthy lifestyle tips over there (not here), so be sure to visit soon!

In the meantime, you can sign up to receive free recipes and tips by email. Just click here to fill out the form. 



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BSScookbook cover-final

Cooking Real Food is a Revolutionary Act

We have lost the means to care for ourselves… We are brainwashed into thinking that cooking real food costs too much, is too hard, and takes too long. Hence, we rely on inexpensive convenience foods. But these aren’t so convenient when we become dependent on hundreds of dollars of medication a month, when we can’t […] Read more »

new year's

Happy new year… and health counseling

Hope you’re having a happy and healthy new year so far! I’ve been busy getting my health counseling practice set up, and I’m looking forward to sharing details in the weeks to come. As part of this process, I offered some of my friends and colleagues complimentary 45-minute health consultations, and I have to say […] Read more »

collard - blueberry smoothie

If you’d only, if you’d only say yes. Whether you will is anybody’s guess.

  Last week, while my husband was traveling, I got to drive his Fancy Car. Fancy meaning that the car is not exactly new, but new-to-us, has a remote that hasn’t caved in and thus works, and… boasts an iPod docking station! Now, I realize these features don’t rank among the world’s greatest luxuries, but […] Read more »

zumba jam session - October


Hey there! Nice to see you here — and thank you for your patience as I study for school, cook healthy meals, work my day job, try to be a good mom and wife, see friends, exercise, visit my parents, work on my novel, vacuum up the incessant dog hair, try to get a decent […] Read more »

peanut butter and spinach smoothie

PB & Spinach

As many of you know, I’m currently going to nutrition school to become a certified nutrition counselor and holistic health coach. One of the exciting aspects of the program is that it teaches us about more than 100 dietary theories — not just one “prescribed” approach. After all, people are as unique as their fingerprints, […] Read more »

yoga mat


  Happy Monday! Since Mondays can be a little cranky-making — I’m often worn out from an overly scheduled weekend and/or indulgent food, drink and socializing — I figured today would be a great day to roll out my latest installment of Happies. If you’ve been following my blog recently, you know that these posts […] Read more »

pumpkin bread smoothie

Pumpkin Bread Smoothie

  October. The stores are filled with Halloween candy displays. A mountain of pumpkins appears in front of the grocery. Skeletons, witches and graveyards are popping up throughout our neighborhood. Alonzo is trying to decide what he’ll be for Halloween, and somehow all of the prospective costumes involve those suits that come with built-in muscles. […] Read more »